Yaskawa – Solectria Solar , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yaskawa America, Inc., is the #1 commercial inverter supplier in the U.S. Solectria’s products include 3.8 to 750 kW inverters, string combiners and web-based monitoring for all size solar systems. Solectria is backed by over 100 years of power electronics and inverter experience. All of Solectria’s three-phase central inverters are made in the USA. PV System owners, developers and EPCs rely on the high performance, reliability and bankability of Yaskawa – Solectria Solar. To learn more, please go to

Yaskawa – Solectria Solar Single-Phase String Inverters:

The transformerless single-phase PV inverters have the highest peak and CEC efficiencies, dual MPPT and best performance specs in the industry today. They are built for residential or small commercial installations using single-phase power. A rapid shutdown combiner option may be added to the PVI 3800-7600TL to comply with NEC 2014, Article 690.12.

Yaskawa – Solectria Solar Three-Phase String Inverters:

The PVI 14TL, PVI 20TL, PVI 23TL, PVI 28TL, PVI 36TL, PVI 50TL and PVI 60TL transformerless PV inverters are designed with high reliability, efficiency and to be easily installed. These three-phase string PV inverters are small, lightweight, compact PV inverters utilized in commercial installations. They have dual MPPT tracking zones and a wide MPPT range. Options include integrated DC fused string combiner, DC arc-fault protection, web-based monitoring, shade cover and AC/DC disconnect covers. The PVI 23/28/36/50/60TL may be sold as a single product or as part of a Decentralized Megawatt Solution (DCS).

Yaskawa – Solectria Solar Three-Phase Central Inverters:

The PVI 50-100KW and SGI 225-500PE PV inverters are slated for three-phase commercial installations. Each PV inverter is designed for easy installation, outdoor resistance with the highest reliabilities and efficiencies in the industry. The state-of-the-art power stage technology houses all of the sensible electronics.

Yaskawa – Solectria Solar Utility-Scale PV Inverters:

Utility-scale PV inverters and inverter solutions range from 500 kW to 2 MW. Each inverter or inverter solution is designed to provide customers with the reliability and efficiency desired for large-scale and utility-scale installations. The SGI XT and SGI XTM series’ are external transformer PV inverters and contain redundant power stages (contain all sensible electronics), therefore a solar array will function with a power stage down. The Megawatt Sotions (MSS) connect inverters to medium voltage switchgear to provide a direct connection to the grid.

Additional Products and Solutions

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