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The IronRidge product development team strives to keep things simple and intuitive for installers while accommodating a wide range of mounting scenarios. As a result, IronRidge offers two complementary types of roofing rail known as IronRidge Standard Rail (XRS) and IronRidge Light Rail (XRL).

The IronRidge Ground Mount System (SGA products) scales to support a wide range of site and terrain challenges. This system consists of components that allow for installer-supplied steel pipe to combine with our Standard Rail assembly for simple, rapid, cost effective ground mounting.

The IronRidge Ballasted Roof Mount system is perfect for commercial projects, providing an easy to install, heavy-duty steel construction that is also flexible and reliable.

IronRidge is the ideal solution for your residential or commercial project, and Allied stocks and distributes IronRidge mounting hardware products. Call today for a quote on any IronRidge XRS, XRL, or SGA products. To view the full IronRidge 2013 Parts Catalog, complete with specifications on all mounting hardware, please see the following link.


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