Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV mounts are the recognized industry standard for 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof mounts. The Classic Composition and Shake Mounts are ICC-certified, and the QBase Comp, QBase Universal Tile, and QBase Low Slope Mounts offer the strongest mechanical roof attachments on the market. Quick Mount PV pioneered the use of roofing industry best practices in the solar industry and the company provides ongoing training opportunities and personalized assistance to installers and distributors using and selling Quick Mount PV products. All products are made in the USA. Please visit www.quickmountpv.com for more information or download our catalog.

QMFTH and QMCTH Quick Hook® - Flat and Curved Tile

Engineered to Quick Mount PV’s industry-leading standards for code-compliant solar panel mounting systems, Quick Hook® is the first tile hook complete with preformed flashing right out of the box. The Quick Hook is designed for flat and S-shaped curved tiles. Requires roofing battens. Installing solar panels on tile has never been easier, stronger, and more waterproof.

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QMSE E-Mount

E-Mount uses the patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal technology to provide superior waterproofing on composition/asphalt shingle roofs. Priced at a modest premium over commodity roof mounts, E-Mount makes it possible to deliver Quick Mount PV quality even on price-sensitive jobs. All stainless steel hardware included for fast, single bolt installation. 10-year limited product warranty.

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QMSC Classic Composition Mount

Quick Mount PV’s best selling product, the Classic Composition Mount is the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant watertight mount available for composition roofs. The Classic Composition Mount is backed by solid engineering and is certified by the ICC-ES (ICC-ESR-2835). The patented QBlock elevated seal raises the waterproofing point 0.75 inches/1.9 cm off the roof surface, providing unsurpassed protection against leaks.

There’s no need for trimming shingles to force a fit. Drill one pilot hole into the rafter, backfill it with appropriate sealant, slide the Quick Mount flashing beneath the shingle in the course above, drive the bolt home, and it’s done.

The 12" x 12" Classic Composition Mount flashing is designed to fit within a standard 5 to 5.5-inch course and the exposed course should be no greater than 5.75 inches. If the exposure is greater than this, use the Shake Mount as an alternative. There’s no shingle cutting and no shingle distortion caused by trying to force a fit – just a permanent, watertight mount every time.

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QMLC Classic Shake Mount

The Classic Shake Mount uses Quick Mount PV’s patented QBlock technology to provide the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant watertight mount available for wood shake roof installations. A single pilot hole is all it takes – just drill it, drive it, and you’re done.

Designed to be adaptable, Quick Mount PV’s 18" x 18" flashing installs on East Coast style shake roofs (7.5-inch exposure over skip sheeting) and West Coast (10-inch exposure over solid sheeting) alike. The flashing slides quickly into place with no need to modify the shake to force a fit. Just a simple, watertight seal every time.

Quick Mount PV’s Classic Shake Mount is constructed of corrosion resistant material, including .050 aluminum flashing and stainless steel hardware, which last at least three times longer than galvanized parts. The Classic Shake Mounts bolt to any racking system with an L-foot interface, and integrate directly with Prosolar and Unistrut systems, as well.

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QMNC New Roof Composition Mount

Quick Mount’s New Roof Composition Mount is designed to smoothly fit into the workflow between the trades who work together to install a PV system on a new roof, whether for new construction or roof replacement. First, the ultra-strong QBase and post are mounted to the substrate after the sheeting is nailed down. The flashing is left for the roofer to weave into the shingles in the standard method. When the roof is completed, the racks and PV array are installed. This three-step process makes the installation efficient and cost effective. And the QBase makes these off-the-shelf mounts the strongest attachment on the market.

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QMLSH Low Slope Mount

Quick Mount’s Low Slope Mount takes the traditional base-and-post PV mount to its ultimate level. The cast-aluminum QBase reinforced foundation is the strongest you can buy for mechanically attaching commercial PV systems to TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up asphalt, and virtually all other non-metal low slope roofs.

Properly flashing penetrations in PVC, TPO and other membrane-type roofing requires the use of manufacturer-specific materials to ensure the flashing bonds chemically with the field membrane (ask the roofer of record or your roofing supplier). For built up asphalt roofs, aluminum flashings are available from Quick Mount PV in 4" and 8" tall cones (sold separately).

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QMUTM Universal Tile Mount

The double-flashed Universal Tile Mount uses the QBase foundation to make an exceptionally strong mount. The primary flashing at the roof deck forms a waterproof shield isolating all penetrating fasteners from corrosive water intrusion. The top flashing is malleable, so it works equally well for curved and flat tile roofs. Both flashings feature a spun aluminum cone, with no seams to fail in extreme climates. Ideal for both retrofit and new roof installations.

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QMFTM Specialty Flat Tile Mount

The double-flashed Specialty Flat Tile Mount reduces the time and effort needed to double flash flat tile roof penetrations. For flashing at the tile level, a pre-fabricated an aluminum “tile” drops directly into a standard 12" x 17" flat tile roof. Just replace the tile; there’s no tile drilling or cutting.

The aluminum sub-flashing is sized for easy code compliance, and molded to fit snugly over the mounting plate and removable standoff. Use standard roofing methods at the deck – bibbing or 3-coursing, for instance – to seal off rain from the penetrations and fasteners. All exposed components are aluminum, stainless steel or EPDM rubber to help keep penetrations watertight for the life of the PV system and most roofs.

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QMCC Conduit Mount

Quick Mount PV designed these mounts to lift conduit off the roof to protect wiring from overheating. These mounts use Quick Mount PV’s patented QBlock waterproofing technology to seal the roof penetrations, and aluminum and stainless steel parts to secure the conduit for the life of the system. Available for composition and wood shake roofs. The Conduit Mount flashing for composition roofs measures 9" x 12"; for shake roofs, 12" x 18". Use a standard single-hole conduit clamp for ½" through 1-1/2" conduits. Conduit clamp not included.

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