LG Solar Panels

Allied is pleased to introduce LG’s breakthrough photovoltaic module with 25 years of in-depth Rand D and more than half a century of Consumer Electronics technology and services. LG photovoltaic modules are perfect for on-grid general applications, such as residential, commercial, or utilities. Built with reliable material, a unique design, and systematic quality assurance, we promise to provide our customers with unmatched product value and services.

The Mono-X solar module is loaded with features to ensure easy installation, as well as long lasting, clean, and affordable energy for residential, commercial, and utility applications.

LG Cell Technology
With 25 years of devoted and thorough R and D, LG has successfully developed a Solar Cell that is both cutting edge and reliable.

Certified Laboratory
LG developed the core standard specifications for a solar module and became an official test laboratory certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters laboratories.

Unmatched Warranty and Services
LG has an industry leading support policy that comprises of a 5-year product warranty, 12-year 90% power warranty, and 25-year 80% power warranty.

Positive Power Telerance
LG delivers each and one of its products with the world’s most rigorous product assurance. Nominal power tolerance starts at 0%.

Superior Durability
Withstanding the maximum load of 5400 Pa, it is light in weight with a slim glass and durable modules.

Ease of Installation
The LG Mono-X has an innovative design making the installer’s job both simple and safe. LG Solar- Mono X Panel Design Video, Click here

LG photovoltaic modules are uniquely designed to drain liquid even when installed in unsurpassed, slopes and angles while the frames are designed for an easy grip.

Allied regularly stocks LG Mono-X and Mono-X Neon high efficiency modules. Call Allied today for a quote on LG’s high efficiency modules. For specifications on any of these panels, warranty information, send us an email.

LG Solar Module Warranty Information

LG Mono-X 280W Spec Sheet

LG Mono-X 300W Spec Sheet