Allied is proud to offer one of the most complete stocking inventories of SolarWorld panels in the US. Known for their quality of craftsmanship, Plus-Sorting, and Linear Warranty, SolarWorld is an industry leading solution. Plus-Sorting ensures that panels deliver at or above the name plate rating unlike other manufacturers who provide a plus OR minus performance window. SolarWorld’s Linear Warranty also provides your customer with the peace of mind that the system will perform as expected for 25 years, a distinct value to the industry standard two-tiered guarantee. SolarWorld operates one of the largest manufacturing sites for solar panels in the US, and is one of the largest solar energy businesses in the world. SolarWorld is America’s largest solar manufacturer since 1975.

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Call Allied today for a quote on SolarWorld’s 250W, 260W, 260W Black, 265W, and 270W Monocrystalline Sunmodules. We also carry the 255W and 255W Black Sunmodules at our Honolulu, Hawaii location. For specifications on any of the SolarWorld Sunmodules, please see the following links


Title Type
SolarWorld 255W Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 260W Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 250W Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 255W Black Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 260W Black Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 265W Sunmodule Spec Sheet
SolarWorld 270W Sunmodule Spec Sheet